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Chicago, USA based artist, Mariam Paré paints Film Star Pierce Brosnan

Chicago, USA based mouth artist Mariam Paré was thrilled to be invited to the Malibu home of internationally acclaimed film star, Pierce Brosnan.

For Mariam, who is always keen to challenge herself and push the boundaries of her artistic skills, painting portraits of people who interest her has always been something she enjoys doing But Mariam being Mariam did not choose to create just any portrait and instead proceeded to paint the high profile film star as her favourite James Bond. With his well recognised love of the arts and an accomplished artist himself, the actor seemed the perfect choice for Mariam to paint.

The work she produced was stunning and when the actor became aware of her work he was intrigued to meet the artist behind it and arranged to meet her at his California Home. At their meeting Pierce showed Mariam his own paintings and they shared views bout the importance of art in their lives. The actor explained how the therapeutic value of art had helped him through the difficult, painful times in his life, when he lost both his first wife and daughter to cancer. While for Mariam, art became her saviour and the focal point to her life, after she was innocently caught in the crossfire of gang violence in Chicago while driving and a bullet to her back left her in a wheelchair with limited use of her upper body. Mariam then presented the actor with her portrait of him in his iconic James Bond pose, which he was delighted to receive. He said 'This portrait is incredible of me as James Bond. It is exemplary artwork. I can't do what you do.' Afterwards, Mariam commented, 'Pierce Brosnan is such a gracious man. He was so welcoming and it was a joy to meet him in his home and talk, artist to artist.'

In many ways, the meeting was a coming together of two, very creative people: Both inspired by a shared sense of tragedy and unfied by a shared love of art. 

Photo Above: Pierce Brosnan with MFPA artist Mariam Paré

MFPA Artist Mariam Paré painting James Bond, Pierce Brosnan

See Mariam Paré paint James Bond, Pierce Brosnan

MFPA News 05 January 2015