Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Mouth painter Bazza West demonstrated the power of the paintbrush

Mouth painter Bazza West from Uckfield, East Sussex, demonstrated the power of the paintbrush with his striking painting of the Covid19 virus being dramatically lanced by a Roman warrior, which featured in an article that appeared in the Sunday Mirror newspaper and on line, on 24th May. In the piece, Bazza can be seen creating the painting, symbolically replicating the warriors lance with a paint brush held in his mouth to attack the virus.

The painting, ‘We Will Never Surrender’, aptly sums up the indomitable spirit of Bazza, who became a quadriplegic 24 years ago, as the result of a car accident when he was 19 years old. The article describes the darkness of the period that followed the accident and how today he enjoys a fulfilling life as a successful artist, with a wife and 4 years old son.

Always keen to support others, Bazza recently produced an online art tutorial for children, to encourage them to try painting for themselves during lockdown. One of those children, and his star pupil, is son Harrison, who spends hours by his Dad’s side, watching him at work and trying out mouth painting under his expert guidance.

To read the full Sunday Mirror article click on this link.



26 May 2020