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The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Virtual Coffee Mornings

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The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Virtual Coffee Mornings


As the winter begins to set in and the coronavirus really takes hold once again, The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists appreciate how important other forms of contact with people will be over the coming months. Many of our severely disabled artists found the previous, hard lockdown very difficult indeed, even though in normal circumstances, living in isolation is something they are fairly used to.  So, to help lift the artists spirits and those of the wider public, we decided in the Spring to produce a series of on-line video tutorials, showing viewers how to create a painting for themselves and to engage them in art, as a great way to deal with the issues of isolation and loneliness. These have been very popular with our present customers and our families and friends.


Then we thought, we have 27 mouth and foot painting artists in the UK and all of them have inspiring life stories to tell; why not share them with others over the coming months. We thought by sharing their individual life stories, it might help to brighten what is going to be a tough winter ahead for all of us. So, to do this, we've now decided to launch a new series of 'virtual coffee mornings', during which people can hear more about the artists lives and the fantastic Association to which they all belong.


These coffee mornings will be held on Zoom, which is a cloud-based video conferencing service, during which you will be able to virtually meet up with others for a 'live' interview with a different selected artist each week, to learn more about them and their art and to also ask questions if you wish. Tom Yendell, a mouth and foot painting artist himself and a Member of the MFPA International Board will conduct the interviews with the individual artists.        


Dates for the MFPA Coffee Mornings are as follows:

Nov 20th, 2020  11:00 AM London – Brandur Bjarnason Karlson – Icelandic Mouth Painter

Dec 4th, 2020 11:00 AM London – Tom Yendell – Mouth Painter Tom will be interviewed by Alastair Stewart (ITN newscaster)

Dec 18th, 2020 11:00 AM London – Ian Parker – Mouth Painter


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19 November 2020