Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Reviews by UK Children's Book Bloggers

Wendy Mallins

Danny’s Dream was included in her Christmas Gift Guide for Kids, describing the book as a ‘beautifully inspiring, and thought provoking which helps kids to not only appreciate what they have but also to be more mindful of others and to see life from a different perspective.’

Just Average Jen 

‘This lovely story written by Victor Margiotta and illustrated by Ian Parker who is a mouth painting artist. It is hard to believe that such wonderful drawings could be drawn with someone using their mouth to hold the brush.’

Ivy’s Library

In her review of the Danny’s Dream she ‘recommended the book as a great read for a school library and how her child was fascinated with the images which sparked intrigue and conversation around disability. This is a great story about the strength and determination it takes to achieve great things, made even more wonderful by the special illustrations.’

It’s All About Stories

‘A lovely text to form a discussion about inclusivity and playground friendships but we don’t always need a theme to share stories and this is a lovely story for anytime.Danny’s Dream is a great story, fab illustrations and I’m totally awe-inspired that it is possible to paint such detailed picture book illustrations while holding a brush in your mouth – astounding!’

05 December 2019