Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Juicy Burger step-by-step tutorial from mouth and foot painter, Tom Yendell

The third tutorial in our ‘Learn to Paint’ series from our Mouth & Foot Painting Artists comes from artist Tom Yendell, with his juicy burger design to lift spirits during lockdown.

Tom will teach you how he draws the burger design with his mouth, and apply paint to complete the piece. For any little ones needing a helping hand with getting started, Tom has created a handy design outline so they can skip straight to the painting! Available to download here.

You’ll need yellow paint for the bun and fries, green for the mouth-watering lettuce, brown for the burger, and red for the ketchup and fresh tomato. Yum! Don’t worry if you don’t have a painting set at home, we stock them in our online shop here.

Follow along and tag your artwork on social media at: #PaintwithMFPA.

23 May 2020