Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Jacky Archer - Keith Jansz - Bazza West

To mark the International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association Day of 5th September 2019, a number of UK artists featured at various venues around the country to celebrate the occasion and to raise awareness of the work that the artists do.

Each of the artists gave their unique live mouth painting demonstrations for the visitors who were also given the opportunity to put questions to them about their work.

Jacky Archer appeared at the Bookshop in East Grinstead on 4th September 2019.  

Keith Jansz was at Dobbies Garden Centre in Milton Keynes on 6th September 2019. Among the visitors who attended the event was MP Mr Iain Stewart who said, “It was hugely inspirational to meet Keith Jansz at the Dobbie Garden Centre, raising awareness for International Mouth and Foot Painting Day. To see Keith overcome the challenges to produce such wonderful works of art, lifted my spirits.”    

Bazza West featured at Squires Garden Centre, Washington on 21st September 2019.  

07 October 2019