Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

MFPA artists across the UK capture iconic landmarks

MFPA artists across the UK capture iconic landmarks to showcase the true skill and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of iconic British Christmas cards.

In preparation for Christmas Card Day on December 9th we had 3 of our incredible artists visiting famous landmarks across the UK to capture and transform them into stunning ‘Christmassy’ paintings. London, Brighton and Cardiff were the venues and on Monday December 4th, each artist showcased their remarkable mouth or foot painting technique, creating an unexpected original image of the London Shard, the Brighton Pavilion and Cardiff Castle in front of the general public.

Bazza West has been an MFPA Artist since 2013; as a young man he was an active sportsman and by age 19 was running his own gardening business, then while driving his car he swerved to avoid hitting a badger crossing the road and slammed into a tree that resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic. Since then his life has been extremely positive and involved a succession of incredible experiences which include ski carting in Sweden, being part of a team that made the summit of Mount Snowdon, tandem skydiving, tandem scuba diving and carrying the 2012 Olympic torch on his wheelchair. His imagination and detailed work all painted using his mouth is extraordinary. Working with strong colours and focusing on nature, his imagination of the Brighton Pavilion will see the building transformed into a wonderful assortment of iconic Christmassy tokens.



06 December 2017