Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Olympic Torch Relay

Keith Jansz proudly carrying the Olympic torch

Mouth painting artist Keith Jansz, was proud to carry the Olympic torch around the streets near his Finmere, Bucks home on 9th July 2012.

Keith was a keen amateur athlete before he was paralyzed from the neck down, as a result of a serious car accident in 1995. Unable to use his hands, he carried the torch in a special holder that was built into a tailor made new wheelchair, produced for him by Trekinetic. Travelling in his striking, special edition, white wheelchair with matching white walled tyres, Keith looked very stylish as he made his way past the flag waving crowd that lined the streets near Stoke Mandeville Hospital where he was treated after his accident.

Keith was nominated to carry the torch by friends, who have long admired his charity fundraising for other disabled people and children. After the event he said, "What a day to remember. It was a surreal, special moment that I never wanted to end and will remember for the rest of my life! I had a fabulous time seeing so many happy and joyous faces cheering me on; it was such a privilege and honour to carry the flame and amazing to be the centre of attention... just incredible."

The Olympics is about inspiration. Could there be a more inspirational person to carry the torch than Keith Jansz.

Photo: Keith Jansz proudly carrying the Olympic torch

MFPA News 09 July 2012