Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Bazza West’s ‘Happy Little Snowman’ watercolour painting

Follow along as Bazza paints his ‘Happy Little Snowman’ design by mouth, with top tips including:

  • Rough sketch the snowman’s body with liquid charcoal (or alternatively a HB pencil will do great) as a guide of where to paint
  • Paint a gentle background to make your snowman really stand out. Bazza chooses to fade his background from darker to lighter blue, to give the scene a blizzardy winter feel
  • The snowman will need a hat and a scarf – feel free to use your favourite colours, but Bazza chooses a Christmas red
  • Browns and oranges for the little robin, but don’t forget his red breast!
  • Bazza continues to add further layers to his painting once the previous layer dries, to build up to a bolder colour

If you don’t fancy painting with watercolour, you can still follow the design with whatever materials and paints you have at home.

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